Window Shutters make your room more attractive,

provide flexible light control and save energy


Deceptively simple ideas will make your window shutters:

  • more attractive
  • more durable
  • more affordable


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It’s the Detail That Makes The Difference


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Window Shutters London & Essex

Timeless classics to contemporary styling our window shutters are

manufactured with pride and without compromise.  Creating a statement in style and function.

Shutters Design are located in East London.  We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke window shutters in London & Essex.


Design – we have the knowledge and experience to design and create beautiful plantation shutters for your home.


Manufactured – by the world’s leading manufacturer of shutters. This is the smart way to buy affordable bespoke shutters as they combine automation with traditional skills.


Our fitters – have many years’ experience in the installation of window shutters.

Choosing Window Shutters In London & Essex

Our shutters are available in many panel arrangements including tier on tier, cafe style and full height. 

No two homes are the same so we make all our shutters to order.  This ensures they fit your windows and design tastes perfectly. 

Furthermore, our aim is to make the finest possible window shutters for your budget. So, we rely heavily on our knowledge of materials, to achieve just that.

Shutters Design proudly uses only the strongest, most durable materials in the construction of our shutters. As it’s the material specification that allows your design to work in harmony with your budget. 

We draw from a wide range of shutter materials including White Teak, Paulownia, Basswood, MDF, ABS and Aluminium.


Shutter Styles

Window Shutters – Finishing Choices


After you have chosen your shutter’s style, it’s time to consider other choices to make your design uniquely yours. So, browse our range of frames to find the perfect match for your window frames and skirting boards.  Finally, you can choose a colour, texture and paint or stained finish to your shutters. You might choose a painted ultra-smooth finish; or a one that shows off the grain of our timber.

With such a range of options, ideas will flourish. Because, whatever look you are aiming for, contemporary or classic; we will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Shutter Gallery

Why Shutters Design For Window Shutters London & Essex


In conclusion, Shutters Design offer the highest quality shutters.    They are manufactured using current technology with traditional hand finishing techniques.  Resulting in our window shutters adding a touch of understated elegance to your home.  Always bright, fresh and never out of style.

Meeting one of our designers is often a great source of inspiration. So, complete the contact form for a fast and free quotation. With such a wide range of options, ideas will begin flooding in. Whatever look you are aiming to achieve, we will work with you to make your vision a reality.