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Our plantation shutters are available in a range of styles, materials and finishes.

Your shutters are made to measure, by drawing from a range of frames and louvre sizes, they are designed to reflect the architecture of your windows.  We offer an unlimited colour choice and materials to suit all budgets.

Choosing Your Plantation Shutters

An inspired choice of classic and contemporary styles and finishes:



Tier on Tier

This style has two sets of shutters which operate independently. As one set sits above the other you have great control over privacy and light.

Café Style

These shutters cover only part of the window which means they cost less than full length shutters.  They also let in more light while giving a continental feel.

Full Height

This style of shutter covers the whole window. To increase the shutter’s strength a horizontal rail is often added which divides the shutter’s height.  This division allows you to operate the slats above and below the rail independently.

Plantation Shutter Style Gallery
Opening & Closing Louvres

Light, shade and privacy can be managed by moving louvres with Tilt-Wands or Gears:


  • Tilt-Wands are the vertical bars placed on either side or in the centre of the shutter, which creates a classic style.
  • Gears are invisible, as they are within the shutter’s structure.  Hiding the gears ensures your views through your window are not obscured and creates a contemporary style.

Louvre Sections

Dividing louvres into sections offers you more control and flexibility when managing privacy, light & air.  Lower panels might be closed for privacy while higher ones remain open for air-flow.

Louvre Width & Thickness

You can choose from a range of eight louvre sizes, from 32mm to 114mm.  We don’t compromise on the thickness of our louvres, as while thinner louvres are less costly to produce, they are more susceptible to warping.

Plantation Shutters Classic or Contemporary
Plantation Shutters Baypole
Bay-Poles & Frame Structure

A shutter’s design needs to be sensitive to the window’s structure and style.  Good matching of a window’s framework with a shutter’s layout will minimise light loss.

Bay-Poles & Mullions

Mullions are the collums or framework between the windows in a bay-window.   A bay-pole ‘sits’ in front of the mullions and joins a plantation shutter’s panels.

Our plantation shutters will mirror the shape and lines of your bay window as our bay-poles are made to measure for a precise fit.

Frames Styles
We have many frame designs to choose from which means your plantation shutters will blend beautifully with your window.

The frame can sit within your window’s recess, or on the surface of your wall creating a wonderfull frame for your view.

Plantation Shutters Frame Styles
Plantation Shutters Colour Range
High Quality Paint or Stain
Cheaper plantation shutters use cheaper paints and stains and utilise less coats. We use seven coats of paint or six coats of stain to ensure that the shutters we supply are less susceptible to fading and yellowing.

If you can’t find the colour of paint you want from our 28 standard colours, we can match any colour of your choosing.  Or, if you prefer a stained finish you have 40 to choose from.

Mortise & Tenon Joints are used between the shutter’s rail and the stile. These are far stronger than dowel & glue joints (used by some manufacturers) and will minimise movement between these elements. Any movement would result in cracking the paint or stain finish – spoiling both the aesthetic look of the shutters and reducing their ‘lifespan’.
Engineered Stiles

Stiles are the bars at the side of shutter panels. For some of our range we use engineered styles where we cut the wood into strips, which are then bonded back together in opposing layers. This layering has the effect of breaking the capillaries that run through wood through which moisture travels.  This and the strength of the bonding agent ensure our panels are strengthened and unlikely to warp.

Plantation Shutters Joints & Engineered Wood

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