Shutter Styles


No two homes are the same so we make all our shutters to order, ensuring the shutter styles fit your windows and design tastes perfectly.

Full Length Shutter Single Wand (Left)


Full Length shutters cover the whole window, with a single tilt rod they can be opened from top to bottom, in one action.

Full Length Shutter Split Wand (Right)


Splitting the tilt rod provides more control over light and privacy as the top and bottom of each panel can be managed independently.

Full Length Shutter With Rail


Where the shutter covers a large area a horizontal rail gives the shutter additional strength.  A disadvantage can be that it adds additional material to the shutter potentially cutting out light.

Quite often a window will have a horizontal rail dividing its height.  Your shutter’s frame can follow your window’s structure, reducing or eliminating any light loss.

Tier on Tier Shutters


A Tier on Tier structure provides most control over light and privacy as panels can be managed independently. A disadvantage however is that there is more material to block out light.  This is more of a concern on smaller windows.

Café Style Shutter


A café style shutter can be good for managing privacy and creates a continental style but offers poor control of light.  As shutters are priced by the square meter they do however offer a very low cost stylish solution.