Waterproof Shutters


We offer two popular waterproof shutters, ABS or Stainless Steel; both resist fading, twisting, warping and chipping.

Waterproof Shutters for bathrooms and other wet rooms

Tough enough for high traffic areas, both shutter materials resist dents and damage occurring from contact; something that woods is vulnerable to. They are so hard wearing you could even use them outside!

ABS waterproof shutters (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is the same high-grade plastic that LEGO is made from. They have a closed-cell structure which ensures they are not just water resistant but 100% waterproof.

A shutter’s frame and panel are built around a generously coated foamed polyurethane core. The ABS coating offers a luxurious finish providing a look and feel similar to top of the range wooden shutters.

Aluminium & stainless steel waterproof shutters.  These shutters combine the elegance of plantation shutters with the robustness of burglar bars. Burglar bars, grilles and roller shutter doors can be ugly. These security shutters however blend beautifully with other shutters.


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When It Pays to Use Waterproof Shutters

It’s hard to tell the difference between our waterproof shutters and others in our range. Waterproof shutters will generally be seen in isolation from your other shutters when viewed internally.  Shutters in other rooms however should have a similar style and louvre size.  If not your home may look un-coordinated from the outside.

In wet-rooms such as bathrooms it’s crucial to use waterproof shutters.  If not, they will not stand the test of time and become difficult to clean. Curtains, blinds or netting will not survive humid conditions as these materials will suffer from mould.  Additionally, the internal mechanisms of blinds might seize up.


MDF is not a bad product when used in the right places. When MDF gets wet however it acts like a sponge; it will absorb water and smell. When wet MDF will expand and then remain out of shape when it dries.  If you leave this unaddressed wet MDF can cause further costly damage, such as mold.

Wood expands when it absorbs water, it will then contract and warp when dry.

Whether you need waterproof shutters around a pool, Jacuzzi, wet-room, bathroom or shower or outside, our shutters will provide the ideal solution.