Window Shutters Gallery

Our custom made window shutters are built by the world leader in shutter production. They combine state of the art manufacturing with hand crafted finishing touches.

Window Shutters Gallery – shows how you can create an elegant covering for windows and doors with benefits beyond aesthetics.  They are perfect for most circumstances as they come in a variety of styles providing light, privacy and noise control; together with thermal insulation and security.

An inspired choice of classic and contemporary styles shapes and finishes:

Tier on Tier – two sets of shutters, one on top of the other and operating independently of each other. This is an extremely versatile structure offering excellent privacy and light control.

Café Style – these shutters cover only part of the window.  They cost less than full length shutters and let in more light, while giving a continental feel.

Full Height – shutters cover the whole window. Quite often a shutter will have a horizontal rail dividing its height.  You can oper­ate the slats above and below the rail independently for increased light and privacy control.

Tracked – rather than fitting shutters with frames and hinges, where panels fold to the side; these shutters slide on a track.  These plantation shutters concertina back, so they can be used to make the most of a view or to divide a large room.

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Choosing Window Shutters

Window Shutters Gallery helps you choose a shutter.  Your styling is a blend of practical and aesthetic decisions. Each home has its own design style that makes it unique. Choosing a shutter’s style, fabric and trim that match your home’s design is an important step in choosing the right window shutters.

Our range of classic and contemporary window shutters is made to measure from a range of materials.  All can be designed to reflect the architecture of your window. We offer a range of frames and louvre sizes, with an unlimited colour choice.

In essence our shutters are as functional as they are stylish. You mix and match materials to suit your needs and budget.

We have what you want at an affordable price.